Why does The Dark Zone exist?

Welcome to The Dark Zone: An Adventure Racing Podcast. In adventure racing lingo, a dark zone is a time, due to darkness or safety, when teams are paused on the course before continuing with the race. During that time stories are exchanged, friendships are kindled, spirits are restored, and teams have a chance to prepare for the next challenge. We hope that you make good use of The Dark Zone and the stories found throughout our website. We’re glad that you are here.

There are three cultural components to why The Dark Zone Podcast exists:

  • Support the newer racers by giving them access to the sport’s most experienced voices in the sport
  • Help to add to the oral history of the sport through conversation and story telling
  • Provide an opportunity for race directors and organizations to share their event with the world

The Dark Zone 41: Yishai Horowitz – 2022 USARA Nationals Race Director/Course Designer Tells All! (Kinda)

https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-dark-zone-an-adventure-racing-podcast/id1578529221?i=1000571434339 Thank you to Yishai Horowitz, Race Director for the 2022 USARA National Championships for coming onto the show to describe the course. He offers an overview of the terrain as well as the various disciplines just waiting out there for those fortunate enough to make it to California in September. Nationals is now in […]

The Dark Zone 40: Katie Ferrington – Her Journey from Racer to Race Director and How AR Prepares One for Life’s Challenges

https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-dark-zone-an-adventure-racing-podcast/id1578529221?i=1000571208443 Originally recorded in May 2022, Katie Ferrington of Never Summer Race Productions joins The Dark Zone to talk about her entry into the sport, the big and small races that she has competed in, her growth into becoming a race director, and how AR prepared her for a recent life challenge. In this episode, […]

The Dark Zone 39/USARA FB Live: Rib Mountain Racing – Their Journey to the Podium at The Endless Mountains Adventure Race

Through a collaboration between the United States Adventure Racing Association and The Dark Zone, we are proud to present this Facebook Live/Podcast Recording of Anna and Tim of Rib Mountain Racing. Alongside their two other teammates Jesse and Richard, they made it to the podium at Rootstock Racing’s Endless Mountains Adventure Race in June 2022. […]

The Dark Zone 38: Igor Dorotic of AR Croatia – Big Course Design, Transitions Aplenty, and the Chance to Relive the Race

https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-dark-zone-an-adventure-racing-podcast/id1578529221?i=1000569611031 Originally recorded in May 2022, Igor Dorotic of AR Croatia (ARC) joins The Dark Zone to talk all things adventure racing. A well-known and respected race director, ARWS referee, and successful adventure racer in his own right, Igor tells us about AR Croatia, the course design (he hopes you like transitions), the ability for […]

The Dark Zone 37: Lars Bukkehave – Denmark’s Great Dane, Champion Adventure Racer, and All-Around Evangelist for AR – Joins TDZ for the First, but not the Last Time

https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-dark-zone-an-adventure-racing-podcast/id1578529221?i=1000568858624 Today we are joined by Lars Bukkehave for an episode originally recorded in April 2022. A stalwart in the world of adventure racing, Lars has raced all over the world and has the stories to prove it. Today he regales us with his origin story, how he grew into being a world-class adventure racer, […]

The Dark Zone 36: Team Hunting Bigfoot – The Endless Mountains, Racing Together for the First Time, and Showing Us How It Is Done

https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-dark-zone-an-adventure-racing-podcast/id1578529221?i=1000568426162 Today we are joined by Team Hunting Bigfoot. A team with a variety of AR experience and skills, Hunting Bigfoot took a gamble and used the Endless Mountains Adventure Race as their first race together. Listen in as they recount their five-day journey through the rigorous and unrelenting terrain of Western Pennsylvania. Their journey, […]

The Dark Zone 35: Rachel Nolan – Irish Adventure Racer, Bikepacking Champion, and African Donkey Whisperer

https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-dark-zone-an-adventure-racing-podcast/id1578529221?i=1000567813260 Today we are joined by Rachel Nolan. Rachel came to The Dark Zone’s attention following this year’s Expedition: Africa. Her experience, energy, and accent helped to carry her team throughout the long, tough course. Rachel shares that experience, her success as a bikepacking champion, and she eventually reminds us to get to her training. […]

The Dark Zone 34: Zoe F. and Her Thoughts on Adventure Racing, Teamwork, The Endless Mountains and 3rd Grade

https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-dark-zone-an-adventure-racing-podcast/id1578529221?i=1000567246688 Today we are joined by Zoe F. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A rising 3rd grader, it is safe to say that Zoe, alongside her little brother Simon, has attended more adventure races than any other child in the world. In this episode, she shares her thoughts on teamwork, adventure racing, and her upcoming school year. […]

The Dark Zone 33: Rootstock Racing’s Brent Freedland: Dotwatcher Extrordinaire – Lessons from Expedition Oregon and the Upcoming Endless Mountains

https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-dark-zone-an-adventure-racing-podcast/id1578529221?i=1000566310365 Today we are joined by Brent Freedland of Rootstock Racing. A previous guest on The Dark Zone, Brent shares his recent dotwatching experience from Expedition: Oregon and what the race taught him about long distance racing, how the teams did (or didn’t hold it together out there), and how Bend Racing is trying to […]

The Dark Zone 32: Dave Ashley – Adventure Racer, Veteran, and the First Kidney Donor to climb all Seven Summits

https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-dark-zone-an-adventure-racing-podcast/id1578529221?i=1000564755273 Adventure Racer, Military Veteran, and Kidney Donor Dave Ashley joins the show to talk about his AR career, but more importantly his decision to donate a kidney to a colleague, and then use his ascent of The Seven Summits to show that kidney donors can go on to live lives of challenge and adventure. […]


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