Episode 4: No Sleep Til Adventure: John Farless and Brian Fribley of No Sleep Adventures

Join us as TDZ interviews John Farless and Brian Fribley of No Sleep Adventures. Friends, Adventurers, and Co-Race Directors John and Brian share their love of adventure racing, their introduction to the sport, and how much they enjoy bringing AR to new racers. They also confirm the sport stranglehold that basketball has on the state of Indiana.

Episode 2: Shelley McLaughlin, Diving into AR with two feet (and snacks)

Shelley McLaughlin – AR Racer, lifelong educator, mom, spouse, and snack supplier extraordinaire – joins The Dark Zone to tell us her origin story, entry into AR, how to be a good teammate, and her recent experience at Expedition Oregon. An athlete her entire life, Shelley jumped into adventure racing at the suggestion of some local racers, and she hasn’t looked back.

Episode 1: Michael Garrison, Executive Director, USARA

Join us as we hear from Michael Garrison, Executive Director of the United States Adventure Racing Association. Garrison/Mike/Michael (we call him all three during the podcast) is a longtime racer and not only offers an overview of adventure racing for the new person, but also speaks to what AR means to him and why he is so passionate about the community.

What is a Dark Zone?

A Dark Zone is a time during an Adventure Race when all racing, whether for safety due to darkness or the need to let some weather pass, is halted only to be restarted at first light or clear skies.

A Dark Zone offers a team the chance to rest, eat, look at maps, and regroup. The Dark Zone Podcast isn’t much different. Sit back and enjoy voices from the AR community. We’re happy that you are here.