The Dark Zone 21 (Blackjack Edition): Barbara Phipps – Racer, Mom, Teammate, and Her Personal Cannonball Into The Deep End of Adventure Racing

Today’s guest is racer Barbara Phipps. A newer racer, Barbara shares with us her dive into adventure racing, how it has helped her to overcome her challenges, and how much she has grown as a person and a teammate. This is a deeply personal episode of The Dark Zone, and thank you to Barbara for her openness and honesty. 

The Dark Zone 20: USARA Executive Director Michael Garrison and The 2022 USARA National Championships

Today’s guest is the United States Adventure Racing Association Executive Director Michael Garrison. He joins The Dark Zone to walk our listeners through the revised entry process for USARA Nationals, the role of the team ranking system, and he shares some thoughts on the future of Adventure Racing.


United States Adventure Racing Association –

The Dark Zone 19: Chelsey Magness – Yogaslacking Bend Racing Team Member, Endurance Mama, Adventure Racer, and National Mountain Bike Champion

Chelsey Magness joins The Dark Zone to talk about her introduction to adventure racing, the allure of free pizza and yoga and how it was too much to resist, her itinerant bicycle/yoga lifestyle and how it led her to champion adventure racing and mountain biking, and how her personal challenges around family and children have opened the door for her to help others.

Show Notes:

The Dark Zone 18: Jay Petervary – Champion Bikepacking Ultra-Endurance Cyclist, Former Adventure Racer, and Dean of Common Sense University

Jay Petervary joins The Dark Zone to talk about his introduction to Adventure Racing, what he learned racing alongside his teammates, his transition into a champion bikepacking ultra-endurance cyclist, and how he finds more fulfillment today in helping others make it to the start and finish line than in his own racing.

Show Notes:

Website –

The Dark Zone 17: Sarah Goldman – Outward Bound Team Member, Expedition Adventure Racer, Coach, and Walking Motivational Speech

Sarah Goldman joins The Dark Zone to talk about her introduction to AR, what she has learned from being an Outward Bound team member, her favorite podcasts and short films (for when she’s, believe it or not, unmotivated), and why challenge and strife are necessary to building strong relationships in racing and in life.

Show Notes:

Ferrington Family Fire Relief –

Outward Bound –

The Dirtbag Diaries –

Sarah Hueniken –

Cody Townsend –

Will Gadd –

The Dark Zone (Sweet) 16: Shawn Lemaster – RD for, Breakdown Bikepack Route Creator, and All-Around Adventure Guy

Shawn Lemaster of joins The Dark Zone to talk about The Fig, his racing career, the Breakdown Bikepacking Route, and all the things that adventure racing and bikepacking have taught him over the years. We go deep into not only AR but the idea of adventure in general, doing so with friends, and how much we both hate busy roads at night.

Show Notes:

The Fig Adventure Race –

Breakdown Bikepacking Route –

The Dark Zone 15: Dan Staudigel -Bend Racing’s Resident Philosopher, Dedicated Teammate, and One Man Hype Squad.

Dan Staudigel – a stalwart companion for all things Bend Racing – joins The dARk Zone to talk about racing, life, how to be a good teammate, and what it’s like to find yourself in your underwear in Fiji. Be sure to check out Dan’s website – – as well.

Thank you to TanZ Navigation for joining as a sponsor of the dARk Zone. Visit them at Email to enter a lottery to win a copy of Mark Lattanzi’s book Squiggly Lines.

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Anti-Fragile Book

The Adventure Race World Series


Backyard Ultra

The Dark Zone 14: Rootstock Racing – The Endless Mountains ARWS Demonstration Race, Working with Others, and Helping to Grow the Sport

Rootstock Racing’s Abby Perkiss and Brent Freedland join The Dark Zone to talk about their new 5-day adventure race – – an ARWS Demonstration Race for 2022, partnering with Bend Racing and Expedition Canada, and how communicating and working together helps to grow the sport.

Show notes:

Check out Expedition Alaska –

The Endless Mountains Adventure Race –

The Dark Zone (Lucky) 13: Mari Chandler – National Champion, International Racer, and Teammate to All

Search many a race start list and you’ll be sure to see Mari’s name. One of America’s most prolific racers, Mari brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to The Dark Zone. Mari tells us about her introduction to Adventure Racing, her training, nutrition, and how to be a solid teammate. With her years of experience, her thoughts about the future of the sport are powerful and insightful. Thank you, Mari, for joining us for lucky episode #13.

The Dark Zone 12: Wilo “Mr. Spirit Award Winner” Nater of Team Onyx

Wilo Nater – Father, U.S. Army Veteran, Educator, and Adventure Racer – of Team Onyx tells us all about his recent experiences at the recent USARA National Championships, his introduction to the sport, and the steep learning curve that he is enjoying as a newcomer to AR. Listen along as his infectious spirit, love of all things outdoors, and his joy in being part of a team just pours out of him. Thank you, WIlo, for sharing your experience and enthusiasm with us.