Episode 8: Tim Buchholz of Rib Mountain Racing: On the Podium at Nationals, Wisconsin Pride, and the Nicest Guy to Ever Pass You In a Race


Tim Buchholz of Rib Mountain Racing recounts his team’s USARA Nationals experience, talks about his growth as a racer, speaks about his best and not-so-best races (Who needs to bring all the maps anyway?), and reminds us that people from Wisconsin are just the nicest people. He’s so nice that when he passes you during a race he offers a bright smile and really hopes you have a great race. Yep, one of those guys. Sit back, relax, and enjoy Tim and his tales of racing greatness.


  1. Just found your podcast. Really enjoy them! Id REALLY like to hear how some of the more experienced racers train.



    1. New pod being edited now with WEDALI. They were this year’s national champs and there is some great stuff in there regarding experienced racers and race prep. Thanks for listening!


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