The Dark Zone 33: Rootstock Racing’s Brent Freedland: Dotwatcher Extrordinaire – Lessons from Expedition Oregon and the Upcoming Endless Mountains

Today we are joined by Brent Freedland of Rootstock Racing. A previous guest on The Dark Zone, Brent shares his recent dotwatching experience from Expedition: Oregon and what the race taught him about long distance racing, how the teams did (or didn’t hold it together out there), and how Bend Racing is trying to bring the sport forward. This is all in advance of Rootstock Racing’s Inaugural Endless Mountains Adventure Race which is right around the corner. 

Special thanks to Strong Machine Racing for sponsoring today’s episode. Their premier event – the Maine Summer Adventure Race – is right around the corner and you can learn more about them and their races at You’ll have a blast as they take you by foot, bike, and boat to the far corners of Maine. 

Enjoy today’s episode and thank you Brent for joining The Dark Zone: An Adventure Racing Podcast.

Rootstock Racing –

Strong Machine –

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