The Dark Zone 37: Lars Bukkehave – Denmark’s Great Dane, Champion Adventure Racer, and All-Around Evangelist for AR – Joins TDZ for the First, but not the Last Time

Today we are joined by Lars Bukkehave for an episode originally recorded in April 2022.

A stalwart in the world of adventure racing, Lars has raced all over the world and has the stories to prove it. Today he regales us with his origin story, how he grew into being a world-class adventure racer, and his sleep and nutrition strategies. This is one of the longer episodes of TDZ, and we could have gone even longer.

Following the initial recording, Lars sent an audio file with even more information on his upcoming race directing and other events that he’s planning. Be sure to stick around for that. Since recording this episode, Lars was struck with a severe case of hypothermia at Expedition Oregon and had to withdraw from the race, but then came back as a member of Team Bend Racing to win the inaugural Endless Mountains Adventure Race with a winning time of just over 110 hours this past June. He’s a human Weeble Wobble (Shout out to the 70’s kids out there).

Not only does he love the sport, but he cares deeply about newer racers and how best to bring new people to our races. He’ll most certainly be a return guest to TDZ. Sit back and enjoy!

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