Dark Zone 60: Travis and Mike of Adventure Enablers: Racers, Adventurers, and Aspiring Race Directors


Thank you to Travis Siehndel and Mike Chaney of Adventure Enablers for joining The Dark Zone. Their wide-ranging conversation covers their Adventure Racing, Self-Made Adventures, and their jump into Race Directing. Chock full of advice, this episode is valuable to both the beginner and the veteran racer.

Thank you to this episode’s sponsor:

VJ Shoes – https://vjshoesusa.com/the-dark-zone and use code: darkzone20 for a $20 discount.

And please visit TDZ’s Charity Partner – Ascend Athletics at https://www.ascendathletics.org/ and learn more about their work with young women in Pakistan and Afghanistan. TDZ is happy to promote its work at no cost to Ascend.

Shownotes – Be sure to check out:





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