Dark Zone 64: Adrian Crane – Longtime Racer, Veteran of EVERY Eco-Challenge, ARWS Referee, and Human Story Machine


Thank you to Adrian Crane for joining The Dark Zone to share his adventure racing stories and wisdom. Adrian has competed in every Eco-Challenge, among many other events, and shares not only his stories from back in the day, but what he sees today as an Adventure Racing World Series referee. We are fortunate to have Adrian on the show and the TDZ community is grateful for his time.

Thank you to this episode’s sponsor:

VJ Shoes – https://vjshoesusa.com/the-dark-zone and use code: darkzone20 for a $20 discount.

And please visit TDZ’s Charity Partner – Ascend Athletics at https://www.ascendathletics.org/ and learn more about their work with young women in Pakistan and Afghanistan. TDZ is happy to promote its work at no cost to Ascend.

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