Dark Zone 65: Travis and Mark ‘Mace’ Macy – Father and Son Adventure Racers and Their Alzheimer’s Journey of Love, Adventure, and Hope


Thank you to Travis and Mark ‘Mace’ Macy for joining The Dark Zone to share their experience, strength, hope, and stories. Their new book A Mile at a Time recounts their family’s dedication to endurance racing (including Mace’s participation in the first Eco-Challenge), Mace’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, Travis’s successful adventure racing career, and their decision to race Eco-Challenge: Fiji together. Along the way, they both share their AR wisdom.

A Mile at a Time – https://a.co/d/5r135yv

Travis Macy – www.travismacy.com

Danelle Ballengee – https://www.runnersworld.com/trail-running/a20808181/danelle-ballengee-five-years-later/

Thank you to this episode’s sponsor:

VJ Shoes – https://vjshoesusa.com/the-dark-zone and use code: darkzone20 for a $20 discount.

And please visit TDZ’s Charity Partner – Ascend Athletics at https://www.ascendathletics.org/ and learn more about their work with young women in Pakistan and Afghanistan. TDZ is happy to promote its work at no cost to Ascend.

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